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Please, let this following letter be translated into many commercial languages and be handed over to the right persons at once. The German-language document you may find here!

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Mr. Heukelbach,

Today I found your flyer with a handwritten underlining of your request in my letterbox.

The slogan of your foundation's flyer is: Have we forgotten God? !

The handwritten caption, presumably by the bearer, reads: Christ - died for you. Further on you write in the text as a heading: WE MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN GOD BUT HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN US! The core problem seems to me to be a different one, because the real question should have long been:

Have we lost God? !

How can it be that you and others, preferably Christians, are of the opinion that God is still stretching out his saving hand to us human beings, yet humanity has long since been playing God in person, for example, by human deciding who may come into the world and who is not welcome, by abortions being carried out daily in all cultures worldwide.

Do you and others know the Creator at all and do you have anything like the sense of His nearness? How can it be that a single person, a group of billionaires or an institution have money and power to save, for example, a whole continent with all its living beings from destruction, but fail to do so?

How can it be that there is a God-ordained plan and you and everyone else cannot recognise and acknowledge this plan? Do you have any idea at all of God, our Creator, and do you even know the present place of human in the world and in the universe? What kind of Father would the Creator of heaven and earth be if He handed over His only begotten Son to the whole of humanity with its pets, but did not place Himself before His Son by letting this be known through, for example, my person?

What kind of God would the Creator be if He did not place Himself before His entire creation, whereby there is obviously at least one enemy who is not willed by God and not only the natural enemy of God, the devil?

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How can it be that you and others go rather mindlessly through the day and thoughtlessly through the city, serve all invisible contacts and could actually notice or read at every advertisement what is the matter? !

Crowns, royal designations, diamonds, planetary designations, the Apollo optics and more ..........but you and your kind have no plan to show, but act with your flyer as the moralizers and collect money from people who basically only want to buy themselves free,..... because every person who is of age and mentally healthy has always had and has the duty to at least make sure, that no one's life can be taken away by an abortion and that every person has enough to eat, so that they can stay healthy and don't have to die or flee the country!

No one can buy their way out by giving a donation on the one hand but on the other hand pets are already being fed and put through by the multi-billion dollar animal food industry and animal pharmaceuticals preferably by a Christian.


You do not know the Creator of heaven and earth or not well enough and you and others also have no direct and real relation to HIM. You have indirect or already direct contact only through, for example, the invisible and visible electromagnetic rays or through lasers, infrared and Bluetooth and by operating, for example, electronics, hardware and software.

And if you and others do not finally grow up and want to continue to ignore my presented and presentable planning in the matter and commission of the Lord, which on the one hand could be followed for years on the Internet and on the other hand became clear in my hometown by also ignoring the given beginning in the matter, then we have all forfeited the promise of the Lord and thus the hope in God!

And rightly so!

With kind Regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Have the courage and change your slogan in line with reality by becoming active and implementing regulations that are non-negotiable!!

I will immediately include this letter in one of my homepages, but I actually hope that you will confront your listeners and readers with this letter including the "Hallo- Wach- Effect".

Monki the Bombay Cat Hello-Wake!!