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Subject: Matter and mission - Please use as distribution list - Attn: DBK President

Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2020 21:04:01 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>

To: pforte@erzbistum....................

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Bishop Georg Baetzing, Dear Cardinal Reinhard Marx,

I, too, would like to congratulate you, Bishop Georg Bätzing, on your new task as the President of the DBK, but must unfortunately make it clear herewith, that you should more than thoroughly consider what it would really mean to downgrade celibacy to a voluntary basis through the reform dialogue on the synodal path.

Should my person get into the position that is meant for me, then I will let such a clever and eloquent gentleman of the EKD, Mr. Bedfort-Strohm, who extensively and providently congratulated you on your office, have his undiscerning and sick butt beaten black and blue by the requested Cudgel of my person, so that he understands that through the ecumenism he is striving for, he will never again dare to such specific connections of a true clergyman, which are only and exclusively possible through celibacy!

The questions which you and your predecessor, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, want to work out with "your Brethren", you will already find answered for the most part in the various homepages of my person, with whom there is also nothing to joke about!

No one can be so sick as not to recognise the content of the aforementioned homepages of my person as true and correct and not to additionally recognise the Monumental happenings or events at least in my home town and if so, then only the Cudgel will help!

Come to your senses and all others quickly before it is too late!

With kind Regards

Ursula Sabisch

Wild Dwell (

HP: This letter will have to be included by my person in one of her homepages, because the devil comes from all sides, which you most probably completely underestimate!