My Tips in the Matter and Commission on  Internet.

My tips in the matter and commission on the Internet:

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Now, in 2020, the spirit of the time is already advanced and so you can only meet with mouthguards and disinfectants on the journeys.

It is a pity that there were and still are so many mentally disturbed actors, liars and sufferers, who were intended as contemporary witnesses in the matter, because now also through the epidemic or through the Corona virus the implementation in the matter and commission become more difficult or even impossible!

Luebeck, Feb. 25, 2020


Take the initiative and book cultural tours, because without activities and movement in the matter, one is treading water.

After all, the matter and the comission are about everyone and not just about individuals!

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There are many travel sites on the Internet, also on the subject of Italy. But most of them are simply booking sites where big travel companies offer their flights and package holidays in the back. Italy community trips are best when you can tell people about them.

For all Italy fans, there is this great opportunity to talk about your last Italian holiday or even new, unknown destinations on the peninsula. Simply register and join in the dream!

Italy Community Federal Foreign Office

The Federal Foreign Office provides information about current risks in all countries of the world. In addition, there is always detailed information on each country.

Federal Foreign Office

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About the Culture of African Gebeco Encounters 2011/ 2012/ 2013/ 2016/ 2017/ 2022

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Either or!

The most beautiful journeys are surely those that can bring about a positive change in other people's lives.

The world does not get better in the long run and life does not become safer for everyone if one person has to go begging and another person gives him or her something from their "big piece of cake" by a holiday mood. If one can only stay in separate tourist regions abroad, then one can no longer get to know and understand the everyday life of the locals on the spot and is thus dependent on the reports via TV.

There is a solution for everything, only one has to be able to recognise as a traveller that there is a planning by this gigantic and worldwide tourism, which is preferably sponsored by the environment and has to "pay on it" for a long time!

Here and in the pages listed above you and others will learn more about the solution for a future worth living for all people who are "allowed to stay" and for all people who "have to leave"! Of course there is also an alternative in case of disregard and refusal of orders in the matter and commission of the Lord and thereby everybody pays "on top" in an endless loop!!

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