A Lottery Game of the Devil

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

To all Readers



To the Roman Catholic Church


Germany, Luebeck, 27/28 November 2023

That German-language document you may find here!

A lottery game of the devil and a fierce blow of the Empress into the dirty account!

Dear Readers, Honoured Clergy,

During the Revelation of John, it will be time for all of us to keep a close eye on the evil-doer and adversary during this special time, when this willed and known being of Creation seems to have become overpowering in the end.

So my person hopes that you and others will "sit well" so that you and everyone else will not fall off your chair should you wish to read on!
As a good observer of people or human beings, you can draw many conclusions, including about the extra-dimensional or invisible beings that will exist, but Creation becomes particularly recognisable through this wild mess of humanity!

My person, in particular, probably had to get caught up in this wild confusion in order to reach the top of this endless loop, so that at least one person could be able to be sorted and organised by a high thought!
Unfortunately, like some others, my person often had to go through hell and into a repetition loop through severe psychoses, which from my point of view could only be ended by an unpleasant denunciation of the lived Christian life, but this enabled access and contact to the devil and thus access to over-dimensional contacts with most fellow human beings.

It would have been impossible as a completely blameless person to leave these high circles or to re-enter these circles in order to cross all other circles, including their spiritual beings that will exist, in order to be able to integrate and absorb them into the cycle of life.
However, as my person was able to observe, the devil was and is probably always activated in most of the citizens when my person was taking part and is in the process of creating sorting and order. 

In this way, many of these citizens who are more likely to be occupied or managed by the devil, especially those who had or have access to my person's interfaces, could and can fall into this diabolical control and take it over with ease through the superior power of the devil and his helpers.
This is what these "bad boys and stupid geese" did and do, as they can usually produce a lived life, especially mine, with the diabolical deeds of their publicised crimes or misdeeds mainly on my person!
So almost everyone in the collective was in unspoken agreement, because everyone wanted to look good to very good in public and be recognised!

Some of these evil-doers are now no longer alive, possibly also because other devilish fellow human beings may have helped to make this happen, as a false view of things offered the devilish user a good, publicised "life balance" as the desired result with the control that was made possible.

Through this enabled diabolical "exchange", the deceased offenders presumably took the place that the devil or "his heaven" had intended for my person, in that, among other things, my person was of course also threatened several times in life and limb, but also others were falsely identified as the perpetrators of the publications by the control system and thus "punished" by others affected by it, so that at least one person will presumably have paid with his life as a result.

The question of access and the interfaces of my person should no longer be a secret, because these are not difficult to find out and have been obvious for a long time!
Thus my person has already been known for a very long time and extensively and has always remained an abomination and an obstacle to the devil, as my person may hope!

However, what is very often very surprising for my person is that the good wishes of the citizens of Luebeck are addressed to my person, although in truth it is exactly the other way round, in that these citizens urgently need the good wishes, as they are firmly bound to the devil, which so far will certainly not affect my person to the same extent!

So this daily back and forth through the control of the devilish man-children is also a protection for those who should actually be condemned by the judiciary through the publicly revealed deeds via TV or whatever, but thus a protective shield has been placed over all these devilish crimes by means of my person. Of course, it's not just me who has a high interface, there are also other people who may suffer the same fate.

However, an institution that is publicly "active" in such a high interface, or should manage this interface, is of course now coming up, because heaven is not to be trifled with for much longer! Clearly all the "angels" have been driven out of heaven and not just yesterday! 

The devil has already come to earth and is currently raging in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine in particular. But the fools and the very clever foxes of the end times run to church and also go to Holy Communion because they will know that something could change in their favour again through the consecration or the Eucharist and by receiving Communion, as they will then emerge strengthened by the diabolical zeitgeist and could independently steer against the truth and the right.

In this belief, these Catholics would certainly also want to die if necessary, because they can feel safe, especially if they could also touch the interface of my person, in that they have long confused the devil with God, which is in part quite recognisable and quite obvious to my person!

So my person has recorded some names in this regard in order to stop further mischief and the unnecessary loss of time, but there are simply no experts in this regard who are familiar with this high matter, but there are only these cunning evil-doers who wanted to outwit even the Lord God!

For this reason, too, my person will have to ban the celebration of the Eucharist of the Roman Catholic Church for a longer period of time during the transition period towards a possible new beginning as quickly as possible, as the administrators of the interface or the clergy concerned do not seem to be in a position to follow this order of the Empress!

Of course, I am also aware of the order concerning the memory of our Lord Jesus Christ, but this memory will live on, even through the Protestant Church, as faithful Catholics you can be sure of that!
Otherwise, even during the Eucharist or consecration of a true clergyman with his so-called "Roman Catholic gene", the recipient or sender will certainly be or is replaceable, which my person has feared for years, but did not want to spread unnecessary panic! Then there are the live satellite broadcasts of Eucharistic celebrations via TV and radio, whereby the live blessing of a priest also crosses every invisible boundary.
Back in the 1950s, this and much more were all once high values that the faithful had to protect and preserve so that no abuse could be made of our Lord God and the devil could not gain access to Christians, especially through the protection in church!

A lot has happened in the meantime, so that my person can almost claim that a true clergyman has a separate goal after death, which is usually in the nature of things. Unfortunately, for years my person has developed a keen sense of the diabolical misdeeds that happen around her and around people, which is very stressful for my person and so the following admonition comes to my mind again and again, especially from the late Karl Cardinal Lehmann: "Be on guard!"

This aforementioned intuition actually belongs to a clergyman in order to be able to develop a protective function against evil in people and to be able to protect people directly from the devil through the sacraments, which is his actual task.

But as a clergyman, you are not allowed to misuse any of the sacraments by lumping all your "little sheep and black sheep" together and no longer separating and checking anything really neatly and finely for each individual! In plain language, this means, for example, that no one who is not "pure of heart" is allowed to receive Holy Communion.

Only when there is really nothing devilish or sinful about a person, only then may he or she receive the Body of Christ.
That is exactly how it was in my childhood and that is exactly how the sacrament of Holy Communion gave us children a natural reaction in the body as a kind of finest oxygen and the resulting joy through the received Body of Christ.
Not everyone can describe this in retrospect, but some of my relatives and family could feel the same at the time and life must become just as complete again!

All Christians are obliged to do this through baptism, but no one should fall into false worship or extreme religious rituals and religious vows! Everyone is seen and accepted for who he or she is! But everyone has to make his or her contribution, which was specified in the letters of my person and can be seen on the Internet.
And because this described and demanded life achievement is so important for every single person, my person wants to and must once again write in plain language! What a person has found in the world and what a person leaves behind is fundamentally to be understood and described as a life achievement.

This achievement is therefore often visible to people, but what is much more important is the visibility of each person, which will be measurable and assessable for the Creator.And this measurement or balance of a life decides through the hour of death after life on earth where the path leads the soul or takes the deceased person.

At the moment, everything looks a little gloomy for humanity, as has been emphasised several times on the Internet, also because there is not only the devil, but also something seriously destructive in a double pack in combination with the devil or adversary.

However, there is also a generous offer from Creation for us as the whole of humanity, which my person is working on.

What every current responsible citizen in the world should really know and understand is to accompany his actual legacy in the sense of his children and descendants in the right spirit through the knowledge of God in order to be able to prove this legacy or this inheritance through the descendants.

This gives the descendant the opportunity to decide freely and to distinguish oneself by feeling drawn to and protected by God and turning away from the devil!
In this way, each of the descendants of a previously foreign culture also keeps open the path to paradise or the path for the redemption of those who have already died, who logically will not find themselves in paradise in the great masses, but in a "stopover", at worst in purgatory.

It is therefore very important for all thinking people, including those who do not have children of their own, to ensure that children and young people, as well as subsequent generations, are made aware of the existence of our Lord God and Creator of heaven and earth (and for the time being God's servant- presence) and are led to him, especially through the whole family.
None of the adults have to bend or pretend for this, but every stupid and inappropriate or derogatory statement or comment about our Lord God in the presence of children or a young person will at best be punished with the Cudgel, but possibly with being thrown out of the house.

This means that the better and more convincingly you as parents or grandparents or even great-grandparents will introduce the children and young people to Christianity by establishing a connection to the divine Lord Jesus Christ through the offspring, the shorter your stay in one of the stopovers or even salvation will be. Salvation can mean that, as a rule, an union of two soul lives destined for each other takes place in the higher dimensions and that these merge directly into the Creator and Creation.

Otherwise, according to the Bible and the Confession of Faith, there should be paradise or eternal life, where the complete human being probably finds him/herself after life on earth in a regressed state of the old through the aforementioned guidance and meets his/her destined human being there.

After presumably a thousand years of eternity, the common life will certainly pass into higher dimensions, as already explained.
As a clergyman or nun, the counterpart is of course first and foremost our Lord Jesus Christ, in that some of the male clergymen will presumably live on with him. Many believers expect paradise on earth and are of the opinion that the Bible tells us about it. It is often the interpretation of the Bible texts by another point of view that leads to wrong or different conclusions being drawn from the Bible, but the way the world and humanity are today, it really cannot and must not remain like this in the world and it will not end well!

That is why my person, through the German Armed Forces and, if necessary, through the monumental Cudgel, will ensure that the abuse of the Eucharist of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic churches stops, because nobody can really know for sure who the respective recipient or sender is at the moment!

Have fun thinking about this and putting it into practice

wishes you,

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Of course, what has also become very worrying and frightening is the fact, that the entire Christian clergy does not even begin to speak of the Revelation of John, even if the earth were to open up!