The Thunder Day

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the WDR

Appellhof 1

50667 Cologne

Luebeck, Thursday, 13 May 2004

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Dear Sirs, Dear Sirs from Politics and Business, Dear Sirs of the above-mentioned programme of the WDR!

I, too, would not like to fail to point you in the right direction on Thursday.(German meaning< Thunder Day) In your broadcast yesterday, you were also able to give data and figures, as has become so customary, whereby you will know exactly that no one will doubt and check ** your duty of truth in connection with the duty to inform.

There are various reasons for this, and it is precisely for these reasons that the FRG, for example, was able to get into long-term debt and still remain creditworthy.This mendacity on the part of the population and on the part of those currently in charge, who can quite simply refer to their predecessors, has led to the fact that in the end new debt goes hand in hand with unemployment.

There was a clear failure to put the brakes on in time and to look into the reasons for the increasing unemployment. To this day, you and others are not prepared to recognise the mistakes made and admit to them in order to be able to contain them and eliminate them altogether.Yesterday, in your broadcast, you quantified the savings of an average citizen of the FRG.

You came up with a net average of 47,000 euros or, to put it another way, you mentioned about 10.8% of the gross national product, although I am no longer quite sure about this.

No one asked where or who these so-called German savers were who were supposed to have saved the equivalent of DM 94,000. This annoyed me, because this is a very naughty and calculating lie that you have spread. If the capital does not move in this amount, it does not mean that it has been saved by the end consumer, but rather that this capital will be managed by individuals, who can enrich themselves in various ways because of the entire world economic system.

A small proportion of the sum mentioned can be attributed to the savings books of individual German citizens. However, you present such nonsense publicly by concealing or distorting facts and everyone will believe you, although everyone will know that it is not and cannot be like that.

At the same time, you should have mentioned the indebtedness of the individual private households and brought them into the comparison, then we would be somewhat closer to the truth in these dimensions. Instead, you presented a short survey on the street, where some honest answers were given. Despite this, you let your presentation of the data stand unchallenged. You named Ireland as the top saver and named the US in the bottom field, describing savings deposits as holding back the economy, because for this reason the economy cannot be stimulated appropriately to create jobs.

You gave a brave woman as an example of higher private debt, who seemed quite capable of fixing it herself. A comparison with the federal budget and the private household did not meet with approval, as this method of debt repayment applied to the federal budget would cause the whole economic cycle and the whole social system to collapse. One lady in the discussion group pointed out that a politician is not really interested in austerity measures, starting with the local authorities, cities and municipalities and ending with the federal states, and is not really able to classify this, whereas she is obviously right.

Just as a private household must be protected from even greater damage by having its creditworthiness checked and payments stopped accordingly, the same must happen with the federal budget in order not to get into even greater danger and debt. Since my person could not follow the beginning of the programme, I suspect that the most essential question was again not asked.

Who is the creditor, or to put it another way, where does the loan of this amount and dimensions come from?

The next question is why does the FRG receive such a large loan? Who is interested in it?

The next but one question is, who has so much money or means at his disposal that he can grant this credit?

Furthermore, there are questions that you and others should ask yourself before you become even more dependent and drag everyone into this. First and foremost, these questions must be answered correctly and only then must you weigh up what to do or not to do.

Since this has not happened, one can clearly see that you do not have any "thinkers" who need to be familiar with such spheres in order to be able to deal with these sums at all. Economic growth must always go hand in hand with population growth, whereby the performance of individuals must be measurable by their own physical or mental strength in terms of economic growth, which will be news to you and others. One's own body or mind power includes only as a minor aid the application or use of artificial energies.

This population growth should, for a functioning economy, primarily consist of healthy people and generate values that, if possible, represent a permanent or long-lasting value. You and others, on the other hand, have invested primarily in the human senses and needs; as an example, you can mention the entire entertainment industry, the entire tourism industry, the cosmetics industry, the leisure offer by means of amusement parks and the entire sport.

Then you have the eating behaviour of the end consumer also taken into the neediness of the human senses. The car industry is also going in the direction of satisfying the senses and it is no longer the need that is very often in the foreground of a car purchase.

Telecommunications also belong in this area, such as the Internet and mobile phones and other innovations and achievements that are coming onto the market.

However, it is noticeable that destruction is always a fact at the same time.

Destruction starts, for example, with environmental pollution, continues with tourism in other cultures and is reflected in the state of health of individuals.

Unemployment and the fear of losing one's job also affect health and the family.

Those who already have to work for two for the reasons mentioned above are particularly at risk, as they desperately need the job, often to get out of their debt trap. These and other people will spend their earned holidays abroad and leave the money there. The accumulated health damage, however, will then be borne by the state again at some point.

Families are also systematically destroyed by this policy.

Last but not least, at the end of the chain is the woman and mother, who is also destroyed, as can often be clearly seen. An artificially prevented collapse of the economic cycle will certainly have more serious consequences than an economic collapse that can still be cushioned.** (A reversal is already the case, since the artificial cycle must be held until the returning home** of life*, which does not mean that a desirable economic cycle cannot be built up in parallel.) **March 2018. You cited Denmark as an example of a different pension system, where the taxes needed for the pension are slapped on top of the consumption.

Then one should be smart and buy a rentable holiday home as a Dane, with little service needed to take care of the turnover and consumption by the tourists in the country. Then one's pension is secured by tourism and one can spend one's holidays abroad, where food and maintenance costs are cheaper and where cheap services and entertainment, including sun, are offered.

Please recognise the basic mistakes of your policy and also admit these mistakes to yourself. You as a government took on the debt and knew about the high unemployment figure.


You invest a lot of money in education and training.

Highly qualified people cost the state a lot of money through education, often* resulting in emigration abroad. Leaving a parent or parent behind costs the state a lot of money in due course through health care and death funds.

Exchanging highly skilled people within a state also costs the state a lot of money for the reasons mentioned above, and a little more than that to the elderly people concerned, leaving primarily the son of the family responsible for the welfare of the parent or parents. Jobs are lost to foreign countries due to more favourable economic and social policies, as an economic exodus takes place.

Due to the import of cheap products and goods from abroad, domestic prices go down significantly, which also partly destroys the earned harvest, although people have to die of starvation elsewhere. Contracts go to countries where growth goes hand in hand with population growth and cheap jobs are the order of the day by means of high-tech and artificial energy, with no or insufficient social security for the workers.

The costs of maintaining health also increase with the destruction already mentioned and can no longer be absorbed when the population decreases, not even by foreigners, since the foreign culture means that the locals, especially the teaching staff, are not sufficiently equipped for this.

Many jobs cost the environment more than they can generate, especially in the conurbations. Even the costs of travelling to the workplace due to the greenhouse effect cause more damage for future generations than the workplace brings, unless people get to their workplace by their own physical strength, for example by bicycle.

Now you are already importing potatoes from Egypt and Jordan.

Presumably the potatoes have first been shipped and then reached their destination by truck, or the potatoes have been flown in by air and then transported to their destination by truck. In spite of known heating of the atmosphere and in spite of environmental pollution, you are staging this nonsense so that a diseased people who have the very greatest difficulty in dealing properly with the truth can meet their twisted needs.

You are certainly missing one thing; either you are missing to be given a thick ear or you are already missing a few cups in the cupboard. (German saying) You may even be lacking both, and it is for this very reason that you, like everyone else, will have to brace yourself for a prolonged lean period.

P. p. Empress / 3 June 2004

Please see to it that the "thinkers" of this world will come together and take note of the many letters written by me in order to take a greater step in the right direction in the matter and commission of the Lord**.

06 March 2018** Document reviewed and amended.    

Last Saturday, my person again went to a supermarket to look around the fruit and vegetable section. Since all goods must be labelled and thus the exotic fruits and vegetables were labelled with the countries of origin, my person would like to give an example of an export transaction and charge the readers to seriously look around the shops in this regard.

There were honeydew melons from South Africa and this in today's situation due to the worldwide increasing environmental catastrophes and the situation due to the famines in Africa! But now it is high time for the Captain of the World Ship and for people with expertise to take the helm intrepidly in their hands and not let themselves be led off course! ** 30.10.2020